Friday, 18 January 2019

Vacancies on the Devon Countryside Access Forum for anyone interested in recreational access

The Devon Countryside Access Forum advises on the “improvement of public access to land for the purposes of open-air recreation and the enjoyment of the area..”  Devon County Council is currently appointing members to the Forum and would welcome applications from anyone with an interest in recreational access.  

Applications from walkers, horse-riders, tourism providers and those with a knowledge of the Definitive Map review process would be particularly welcome.  Over the coming year the Forum will be looking at coastal access (the SW Coast Path), as well as other issues associated with access.  During 2018 the Forum responded to a number of local and national consultations including Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty Management Plans and the national Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy.  It continued to suggest specific improvements for disability access across the County. 

All applications will be considered and we would love to hear from landowners and managers, access users and people with other relevant professional interests such as planning, education, sport, sustainable transport and business. Although membership is voluntary, a generous mileage rate is paid. Formal meetings are held three times a year.  There are occasional small working groups and a yearly training day.

For details and an application form please see  or contact Hilary Winter on 07837 382771. The closing date is Friday, 22nd February 2019.

Monday, 14 January 2019

Car Parking in Ashprington

Last week, a fire engine was unable to pass through Ashprington due to inconsiderate parking in the Village - although the road was not completely blocked, the extra width of the vehicle meant that the emergency vehicle could not get through.

A previous incident just before XMAS resulted in a vehicle partly blocking the road approaching Orchard Close and Hill Close.

Ashprington and Tuckenhay are also both on the established gritting route but if the vehicles cannot get through Ashprington, there is a real possibility that our roads will not be gritted.

If you are visiting the Durant Arms, our Village Hall or anywhere where there are pinch points for traffic in Ashprington, please park responsibly.


Saturday, 8 December 2018

Overly large vehicles on our lanes..........

There are growing concerns about the increase in very large vehicles using our small lanes.  Some of these are conducting business with local farmers, Carpenter Oak or Blackness Marina, some are blindly following SatNav rather than following instructions to use other routes, and some are foreign drivers who do not understand our roadsigns, such as "Unsuitable For HGVs".  We are keen to gather any data we can on large vehicles in the lanes, so if you see such a vehicle please note all the details you can, including photographs if possible.  If you get the opportunity to ask the driver where he is bound, even better!

Please send any details you collect to Cllr Mike Pearey at or phone 732628.  One we have collected a decent amount of data we will discuss what measures might be appropriate to reduce the problem, such as improved signage or asking SatNav companies to highlight the smallness of our roads!

Finally the Parish Council would like to remind anybody ordering things that will be delivered to check that the haulier knows about the limits on our lanes.  This is especially true of online purchases, where it is prudent to phone the retailer to check delivery options.  If the lanes get blocked, even temporarily, we all suffer!

Thanks for your support in this.

Friday, 25 May 2018

Flood protection - Property Level Resilience (PLR) Grant Scheme

Devon County Council is committed to increasing community resilience in Devon and is supported by Defra to deliver property level resilience measures. Working closely with a number of partners, DCC aims to help individual property owners be better equipped with the tools and basic defence measures they need to be able to deal with flooding. As such, a new PLR Grant Scheme has been established to enable home owners to apply for up to £5,000 to carry out a survey of the property, identifying the required resilience measures, and to purchase the recommended measures. Any additional budget requirements will be at the expense of the property owner.

There is limited funding, with an allocation to be made available each year by Defra, Local Levy and DCC. Applications will therefore be prioritised based on the criteria set out in DCCs PLR Policy to ensure those properties with the greatest need will receive the funding. There can be no guarantee of funding for all applications.

For full details see the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy on the Devon County Council website, or contact Sheelah Seeley on the Parish Council.

Vacancies on the Devon Countryside Access Forum for anyone interested in recreational access

The Devon Countryside Access Forum advises on the “improvement of public access to land for the purposes of open-air recreation and the enjo...