Monday, 1 October 2018

Please note that with effect from Wednesday October 3rd, the Citizens Advice surgery will be at the Mansion Fore Street on Wednesdays. 9.30am to 12.30am

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Parish Clerk
Mobile Telephone Scam

Look out for call s received on you mobile prefixed +375, +371, +381, +563, +370, +255 from East Europe and Tanzania. Try not to answer the call or call back. Do not press #90 or #09. as you may lose personal details and phone credit if you do so.

Parish Clerk
Forged £20 Notes

The Police warn that some forged £20 notes are in circulation in South Devon and advise that where possible they should be "checked" with a UV light.

Parish Clerk

Overly large vehicles on our lanes..........

There are growing concerns about the increase in very large vehicles using our small lanes.  Some of these are conducting business with loca...